Aimbot is one of the main feature of the cheat, it supports multiple modes along with utility.

Trigger bot

Alongside the aimbot enabled options there is a triggerbot. Triggerbot automatically shoots at any players that are in your crosshairs. The triggerbot shares ignore and targetting options with normal aimbot.

Triggerbot warning

Unlike most max distance options in the cheat, triggerbot needs one. If you have a distance of zero triggerbot will not work.


The aimbot has a few options that allow for changing how accurate you will be.


Below is a list of targeting options and what they mean


Below is a list of aiming options

Aiming mode: mouse

Mouse aimbot is the most basic aimbot, it simply acts internally by moving your mouse at the aim target it is the hardest to detect both as a spectator and as an anticheat.

Mouse mode also supports smoothing, smoothing lets you smooth out the aim curve and allows for very legit looking aiming.

Aiming mode: silent

Silent is an aim mode that is inaccurate and does not work with weapons on certain servers. It does however completely hide your aiming from everyone else, no one else sees your head rotate with this aim mode. This makes it on a low FOV very hard to spot. Its easy to detect by an anticheat, but if used correctly hard to detect by a human.

Aiming mode: rage

Rage is an aim mode that is made to be hyper accurate and easy to use while not trying to hide you are cheating. It is silent on your screen but everyone else sees your head snapping. It is the most accurate aiming mode but it also is the easiest to detect due to constant snapping.