The cheat has esp on players along with esp for entities.


Server admins can take screenshots of your screen and look at them. This is referred to as a screengrab, almost every single feature in the cheat is screengrab proof. Certain features are impossible to make screengrab proof in an undetected way. As such the tradeoff is between "getting detected once the feature is on" compared to "getting detected while the feature is on and a staff manually looks at your screen". The features that are impossible to make screengrab proof are denoted with a * at the end of the name in the menu.

Extra ESP

Entity ESP

Entity esp lets you highlight entities with either a 2d or 3d box. Each entity in Gmod has a class associated with it, this is used to identify the weapons internally and what the cheat uses to identify the entities. On startup the cheat dumps a list of all entities that are supported on that server, they can be searched and enabled in the right hand side of the entity tab.

Player ESP

Player esp offers lets you configure all the options for both players on your friends list, and players not on your friends list separately.

It supports displaying various information about players

You can also customize esp to show/hide on specific players based on the following criteria

Each option in ESP has two colors, a visible one (on the left) and a hidden one (on the right). This lets you easily tell if a player is visible

Extras Esp

Extra esp features that are useful in their own ways


The cheat lets you edit the fonts it uses, there are two fonts used. regular and tiny. Tiny is used for small text, regular is used for most text in the game. Recommended option is to have both font settings be the same with tiny being smaller than regular.

After changing font settings you need to hit apply to apply them to the cheat globally.