The cheat supports dumping and running lua scripts

Lua Dumper

Lua dumping lets you dump and look at the clientside lua source code of the server. You cannot use these to make a copy of the server as you ONLY get client files, you do NOT get any server files.

After enabling the lua stealer every time you join a server a folder will be made in %appdata%/OinkIndustries/LuaSteals with the ip address of the server. Its luas will be put there.

Lua Execution

The lua executor is very advanced, it has alot of protection features built into it

You can also load lua files from a directory if you dont want to copy+paste the contents into the loader every time. Put your lua files in %appdata%/OinkIndustries/Luas

Lua Autorun

The cheat is capable of running some scripts automatically when you join a server. This can be used to run code before the server or just load the scripts you commonly use on join.

All autorun scripts should be placed in sub folders of %appdata%/OinkIndustries/LuaSteals. Below is a list of autorun folders and what they mean.